Huff’s Dry Goods

This is our first sales campaign here at the Vital Light. To launch things off, we are featuring

Christopher’s Candids.

Christopher’ Candids are individually packaged, standard sized greeting cards. During the last days of the 20th Century before the Haul, Huff sold these exclusively at the Vineyard Artisans Festival on Martha’s Vineyard. They were a big seller; he then took them on the road and sold them in all sorts of cool festivals from Key West, to the streets of Chicago, and on the beach near LA. By selling his artistic wares on the road, during broken times, it allowed him to make enough money to get to the next town. At this point we are raising funds to process the 300 rolls of film that still sit waiting to be exposed. We need to raise $3,000 dollars to properly develop the magical moments of Huff’s Hundred-Day Haul. We will post the amount raised on a weekly basis until we reach our goal. By purchasing Christopher’s Candids, you receive a professional artistic product, and you also help out a, young, aspiring photojournalist. Rest assured this is for a good cause. We will be selling these cards on a limited basis while supplies last. Orders will be filled within 14 days of receipt of payment. Tax, shipping & handling, are all included in the price. Checks are to be made payable to: Christopher Thomas Huff. We have created an easy order form that must be included and have the necessary requests filled out, most importantly your name & address.

A minimum of 2 cards must be purchased to place an order. We are featuring 2 cards of your choice at the low price of $10-. If you would like to purchase more than 2, we have a special package of 5 cards of your choice, for $20-. If you would like to purchase the entire set of 12, it can be yours for the low price of $40. All prices include shipping, handling, & tax. Please print official order form to place order.

Below we are featuring a dozen different images exclusively captured by Huff; the cards are obviously more appealing in person, click on any one of the cards to get a mental picture.


beach_chair beach_stairway Chainsaw_johnny circuit_ave dingy_on_water harbor_twilight
beach_chair.jpg beach_stairway.jpg Chainsaw_johnny.jpg circuit_ave.jpg dingy_on_water.jpg harbor_twilight.jpg
larry_&_bud menemsha_morning my_foot sail_away sheep the_rose
larry_&_bud.jpg menemsha_morning... my_foot.jpg sail_away.jpg sheep.jpg the_rose.jpg