Why invest in Huff?

Christopher Thomas Huff is an independent photojournalist that accomplished something that no one will ever be able to do again. Recently he captured the final 100 days of the 20th century by driving 27,000 American Miles through the entire 48 United States. He snapped off over 7000 individual photographs. He launched the Vital Light web-site from the road 28 days into his odyssey. From his web-site he offered daily written updates with daily digital pictures from all over America. Huff’s journey was watched by folks from coast to coast, since the site was created in late October of 99, there have been 10,000 cumulative hits. He has a loyal audience that is expecting his final product. His deadline for the publisher to be named later is 4.20.2000.

In order for him to meet that deadline, he needs more capital. Our ballpark figure is a cool $15,000. This is a great investment. Huff is a reputable artist on Martha’s Vineyard, and this project is the launching pad for the rest of his photojournalistic career. He is a very charismatic individual, with an abundance of clever wit and experience. His optimistic energy is contagious, and that’s why his book will sell. He interviewed all walks of life as he traveled throughout the US. He was a mere reporter on the road with a vision of capturing America at her best. He made the front pages of newspapers. The story is about America, and plenty of people are waiting for it’s release. This is why Huff needs your help. Listed below is a detailed outline of materials & funds needed to meet our deadline on 4.20. If you are sincerely interested please contact us immediately, we want you to meet Huff.

48 United States

27,000 American Miles

7000 Individual Photographs

50 Hours of live video

10,000 hits on the web-site

A loyal fan base

Financial Help in the Following areas

Film Production & Processing During Huff’s 100 days in America he managed to snap off 300 rolls of 35mm film. The film is still waiting to be processed. We are still searching for funding to process the photographs. This is our very first financial obstacle. It is a mountain. Each roll of film will be made into composite a sheet. We will place all 300 sheets together in several portfolios, this will be our photographic foundation that we will draw from, and the editor to be named later will draw from. While we’re waiting to see the results, we have Huff working on the written story of the Haul. He is writing the story from his head, using audio and video clips to help the process. Upon exposure of the film, he will then pick and choose the ones that will inspire more words and enhance the experience. He will relive the haul and weave a very long and detailed story. This story will be a rough draft version of the facts and experiences it will later be edited & polished. It is the skeletal process of the story structure. The rough draft deadline for Huff is 4.20. We would like to release the final product to the world at large on Flag Day, 6.14.00.

Reimbursement for Haul Expenses At this time Huff faces great financial challenges. We want to stress this as much as we can. He has thrown his money and all of his sponsors money completely at the project. He must find a financial backer to help get him out of the hole from the expenses of the Haul. There is no way that Huff can complete the project without more capital. People are counting on him, and he will not let them down.

Living Expenses In order for Huff to live, he of course needs money for room and board. Beyond that, he has monthly financial obligations that equal $1200- a month. He will need a comfortable living stipen.

Proper Funds for Working Materials

Laptop Computer & Software

a state of the art laptop to write the book.

the latest Photo Shop Software

a High-Quality Scanner

a High Quality Printer

Video editing equipment

The video that we are releasing over the web is just the tip of the

iceberg. We have 50+ hours of live video documenting the Haul.

Including the immediate moments following the tragic accident

On day 94 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Photographic Merchandise department

There has been a high demand for Huff’s photography.

His archives are endless, and he has so much to release

from the Haul. He needs funds to create the merchandise

we are investigating sales on the web. We have a budget with

no backing.

The Book

The basic structure of the book will be mainly photographs. To compliment these photographs will be a detailed and descriptive non-fictional storyline full of the real experience. I would like to parallel American current events of the time that were going on the same days that I was in the Haul. I will need research help in this department. I will also need research help with a deeper history behind the places that I documented. I would like to make the chapters within four major Sections. The first section will be a brief introduction of the whole idea behind the idea, and the execution of the project. Something short and captivating that will lead us from the drawing board to the execution of the campaign up until departure. Those two phases are well defined. The first phase, call it "The Drawing Board" was winter/spring in Atlanta ’99. The second phase, "The Execution", is the divine shine of the Vineyard summer of ’99. Both of these phases will make up the first section. The second section will be the Haul in the Fall. This section will be must larger than the first section. It will take on it’s own number of sections. Think of the Haul as a long corridor, with doorways that are like chapters. Each chapter will be a separate journey, a haul-way within the Haul. All of the haul-ways will weave their experiences into the overall general theme of the book which is an optimistic look at America.

Graphs, Maps, Stats, & Illustrations

The whole book will be layered with illustrations and stats throughout. An illustrated map of the actual Haul will be perhaps be the centerfold of the book. Different stats will be scattered throughout the sections as a stopping ground adding a transitional meandering flow throughout the storyline of the book. Graphs may be nice, I need help in this area. I believe that my drawings and illustrations will add great depth to the colorful storyline and magical photography

The Sponsors

The Vital Light Society is the people who have supported me throughout the entire project. They helped me either before or during the project. They put me up. They gave me cash. They took me out to dinner. They took me to the World Series. They visited the website, and they told their friends. They got me in newspapers. They baked me brownies. They bought me film. They filled my gas tank. They let me borrow expensive equipment. They are the reason this whole thing worked. They will be fully recognized in a magical section just for them and about them in the book. I could see this being one hell of a collage with names and faces. I also feel that they must receive a special version of the book. It should be only available to them. It should be unique, and make them feel vital because their support is vital to my cause.

They will also have a special place on the website. A sponsor sphere or wall of fame, again something clever.

Projects & Ideas

Huff’s Hundred Day Haul will have a number of spin off projects. It is my plan to market individual photographs as merchandise that I can sell at the summer long artisans festival and at gift shops & bookstores on Martha’s Vineyard. I also want to put together a traveling show of 15-25 of my best photographs, and frame in such a sequential way that they become a traveling show that I can first run this summer on the Vineyard in various galleries. In the spring before my lawn care service starts I can lay the ground work for a moving show that I can take on the road in the New England area. I will also produce a whole bunch of various greeting cards from the Haul. All of these items I would like to sell exclusively through the Web-Site at some point.

Patrick Finnegan

Patrick Finnegan is the main character in story that I have been weaving throughout my adulthood passage in the 90’s. His story begins in the Fall of 1990, and then brings us to the present. He explores the issues of a twenty year old in the 90’s. He explores and identity crisis that leads the reader through all sorts of comedic situations. Patrick is a fictional character, and the issues he experiences are in part on my experiences with spins and projected outcomes. Patrick is a likeable guy. The characters that he exists with are based on characters that I have met through my 27 years here on earth. Patrick Finnegan will be a written novel. The conclusion of Patrick’s story is an all American Odyssey as well. He experiences a lot more adult situations. He is a fictional character that is not afraid to expirement with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. I will continue to write about Patrick all of my life. This I know for sure. I am writing about him for me, but also to represent a realistic portrayal of a man of his experience in his particular passage through time in America.