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DAILY UPDATE This is the written daily journal to Huff’s Hundred-Day Haul. It was updated on a daily basis and was a favorite among cyber-Haul visitors. The journal is broken into two parts; The Huffreport, & Final Fifty Daze. In the beginning the updates were fragmented bits of information. By the end of the Haul they were more detailed and flowing.

DAILY DIGITALS The daily digital began a week after the site was launched on day 65 in Florida. From that day forward the Vital Light featured a daily picture each day for the rest of the Haul. This was the most popular section of the site causing hundreds of hits on a daily basis.

SPONSOR HUFF 50 days into the Haul Huff ran out of money. So we created a page that would raise funds for Huff allowing him to successfully continue and complete his photographic mission. Currently we are searching for a key benefactor to process the 300 rolls of film that Huff shot in the Haul. Please contact us immediately if you are interested.

PRESS displays the various articles that featured Huff’s Hundred-Day Haul. As a photographer, Huff is always looking for more exposure. We are constantly thinking of new strategies to gain more press. Please contact us if your publication would be interested in doing a story about our project or the great future of the Vital Light.

FAQ frequently asked questions were asked all the time throughout the Haul. We would receive questions from strangers on a regular basis during the Haul, most of the same questions would be asked. As a result, Huff answered what he felt were the most frequently asked questions one-day while he was hiding out in Montana.

VITAL LIGHTS this department displays the original newsletters announcing Huff’s Hundred-Day Haul. There are five issues of the Vital Light dating back to the great ninety-eight. They were written and artistically created by Huff. He had a mailing that grew nationwide. The Vital Light will continue to be beamed out in the future.

CHAT ROOM the chat room is a fully functional, fun-form of communication. Not many have caught on. Huff has been known to drop in during the dark hours of morning and reveal his wildest secrets. Perhaps you’ll catch him sometime? Expect scheduled chats as we move closer to the publication of the Haul.

AUDIO ARCHIVE the audio archive is an area where Huff is featuring music in the form of MP3’s. He has been a long time collector of live & rare recordings of all sorts of American Rock Legends from the early 70’s, right up until the last days of the 90’s. His collection, vast & deep, is due to constant trading. He is offering the music to you for free. If you are a collector yourself, we encourage you to trade with us.

WRITINGS Huff has been writing now for many years. He’d be an English teacher if it were not for the Vital Light. He taught out on the Navajo Nation for a time at the end of his college career. In this department we are featuring raw and unedited writings of Huff. They include; Letters from the Rez, His grandfather’s eulogy, and the early stage thoughts of Huff’s Hundred-Day Haul.

GALLERY this is a photographic gallery of all of Huff’s original work. There are two categories; American Archives, & Vineyard Visions. Throughout the 1990’s Huff documented the decade continuously through photographs. His archives are deeper than we can handle at this point, not to mention the more than 7000 photographs from this project alone. Stop by the gallery and note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. This gallery will be enriched & enhanced in the near future.

VIDEO ARCHIVE Huff has always been a clown with the video camera. During the Haul Huff shot more than 50 hours of live video with a HI-8mm video camera. This material is very entertaining, and very real. We will be featuring various clips of this on a regular basis. More material will progressively be released throughout the next weeks leading to 4.20.00. Huff will also feature several video messages recorded live from Huff’s Hut during the writing sessions.

CONTACT US Suggestions, feedback, questions, or concerns allow the Vital Light to shine bright. We encourage anyone to drop us a line. If you have not done this yet, or in a while, why not do so now? Tell us what you think about our web-site. Perhaps you had a question about something? Maybe there are more areas that you like to see? Let us know.

HAUL OF FAME Since this project was a completely private & independent endeavor, Huff had to do a lot of smooth talking to obtain the necessary funding & proper equipment to carry out such an extensive optimistic odyssey. Folks from all over the country gave him money, equipment, shelter, food, & support. Without their help the project never could have worked. It is here that we recognize out vital supporters.

HOSTS IN THE HAUL This is a list of Haul tour dates from day 100 in Plymouth Rock to day 00 in Bar Harbor. It lists exactly where Huff stayed each and every night. He was traveling so much that never stayed in one spot for more than 3 nights at a time.