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To bring you the latest and greatest advances in our continual pursuit of broadcasting one of the finest, rarest collections of America at the turning of the century. The Vital Light is burning brighter than it ever has before. Currently we are offering a quick trailer of Huff’s Hundred Day Haul to refresh your memory of this great odyssey. It is advanced and requires the high speed that many of you across the globe are fortunate to have. For those of you who are unable to access this exciting three-minute trailer, stay tuned. This site will offer things to accommodate your needs very shortly. We have obtained the technology to that will bring you the rest of the story with our own means. As of now more than 4000 thousand photographs from the Haul are now available to us. We are currently creating the visual experience that will blow your mind. As promised the Vital Light will be undergoing a complete makeover. We will tear down the current site and bring a new one greater than we even know. It will start out very simply and then expand to new frontiers that will be new to all of us. We will create it in real time with the foundation that we have built over the last several years. The new areas will contain the vast new content that we have acquired. This will be very exciting for you, and for us. We don’t know the magnitude of our own potential, which is very exciting. We can only ascend higher. In the meantime, please continue to ignite the light and forward our site to those unaware of our optimistic vibration. The trailer above is our latest work. Sight, Sound & Motion is the theme of this enticing piece, high-speed access is required. Enjoy.

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