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Lower West Side Water Towers

Cape Elizabeth Light

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Emily Dickinson's Vital Light

Golden Gate 1999

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The Year is 2012

This site is full of photography, it was the original site that launched the journey which the book Hundred Day Haul is based on.


Have you ever been to the?


No, but seriously there is lots here. Go see the SHARK, snap into a phish show, or visit Fenway Park

Hundred Day Haul to be released September 2009

Go Directly to the White House NOW!

Read a Hundred Day Haul review

The Ryman

Paul's Point and beyond

Mooney Falls and America

Monument Valley

Full Speed ahead as we ascend further and further into the 21st century.

Evolution, Excitement, & History Transpire.

"I dwell in possibility" - emily dickinson

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