On the 65th day, I left behind 65 rolls of unprocessed film in a safe vacuum in Atlanta. So far I have shot 111 rolls of film. I have been in 15 states, 63 cities/towns. I have been interviewed by 4 reporters and am always looking for more publicity. I have over 12 hours of live video footage. I have my own personal journal entries. I have 10 audiotapes of interviews and thoughts. I have had a private tour of Camden Yards. I have been to the World Series. I have been to Harvard, Yale, Vermont, Hartwick, Green Mountain, the Naval Academy, Chapel Hill, and Athens. I have been a groomsman in Maine. I have had one flat tire. I have been in one major car accident. I snapped into the last 2 phish shows of fall tour. I raised over $800- in Atlanta through the sale of my Photography, and Sponsor Huff for a Day personal donations. I will need plenty more money, and will find plenty more. It’s not about the money either; it’s about the execution of this project. I do not have time to worry about the money. I am right on schedule. I have extensively covered the entire East Coast of the United States. I have seen old faces from the past, and have discovered great new friendships with pleasant strangers from all walks of life. This country is full of fantastic people around every corner. If unpleasantness should cross my path, my negative shields are always activating. I will make you smile, it is my job. I take it very seriously. I believe the best days are still ahead. I can feel it. There is a magic spirit with this journey that you will all feel in the final product. I have been on the road now for 35 straight days, I have 65 more to go, and I’m just starting to open her up. I have created a travel science that only I can accomplish. I am very busy trying to capture 72 pictures a day of diversity. I shoot with an apathetic eye. I am spontaneous, so I constantly have to line up the next town and Vital Light. I come to your town and step into your reality, and capture it. This project is about you & me being happy at the end of the Century. I always remember the Your-Way-Works mindset whenever I step into the daily geographic realm of the Vital Light Society. Stay Tuned for more continual updates. In the mean time keep smiling.