Day 62 Fantasy Fest ‘99

Throughout the nearly ten thousand miles that I have driven thus far, it would be safe to say that I have sat in traffic totaling, easily, more than ten hours. This is inevitable, but there’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic after having gotten lost. I will admit that I do get lost on a weekly basis, and it always seems to happen when I have to actually be somewhere at a certain time. On this particular day I was already running late in meeting up with Mike & friends, (imagine that) and then I made some wrong turn somewhere and found myself in Miami gridlock. I was very upset. I was dropping down into Key West for Fantasy Fest. Somehow as usual the travel karma placed me there as the anxious crew was fixing to leave. I had seconds to gather all of my equipment and change instant realities as I jumped into the 1988RV, known to me as the Allegro Deathstar, with the diversity of ten other souls ranging from age to ethnicity. I had snapped into Halloween weekend on the Haul. The events that occurred the rest of the evening were extremely offensive, and also amazing. Having dropped into the Big Easy for the final Mardi Gras of the 90’s, way back in February with one John McIntyre. Having done that, I was prepared for anything, and anything was everywhere. The drive down together in the RV was nice for me who had been behind the wheel all day. By the time we got to Key West it was dark. We had to take a shuttle down to Duval St. We all went in together, but I decided to get lost and see what kind of mischief I could find. More about that later…The Parade began and the wicked weirdest people danced in the crowded streets of this southernmost town in America.