Day 59 Oil Change & Cleaned out the truck

This day being a Tuesday felt very much like Monday. I was strung out and needed to get my head together, and get organized. So I did all the necessary stuff like make phone calls and take care of vehicle maintenance. I unpacked the whole Phoenix outside Brian’s apartment complex. I have a whole lot of stuff, and all of my camping gear was still wet from the weekend. It had rained periodically in the Keys, so I set it up to dry out. At any rate, try to imagine this fancy Melrosy Place, with all sorts of proper people, and then there’s me with my phishead ways of tailgatin’, spreading out all my stuff like a yard sale. I assembled the tents and took every single solitary item out of the Phoenix. One woman was so nosy that she told me that I was not aloud to camp. She actually thought I was going to camp there….duh….