Day 58 To Grandmother’s House we go 57

Now for those of you who are unaware of my 87-year-old grandmother, Rocky, I must tell you that she is a pistol. Two years ago she and I went on a mini version of the haul. I flew down to Florida, rescued her from the old folk’s community, and flew her with me out to Seattle for a spontaneous road trip. Did you ever see Throw Momma from the Train? Seriously we had a fantastic time. I was 25, and she was 85. I made a documentary on the whole trip. At any rate, on this particular visit, Rocky rocked me. Breakfast (early). Luncheon with the Daughters of the American Revolution. Christopher’s Candids presentation to the old folks in the community center immediately following lunch-(this was magnificently successful, when asked how he liked the show, an old man replied "Chris, this is the most fun I’ve had in weeks!.) Then dinner with two very nice other couples, and a trip to Radio Shack to get a battery for Rocky’s cordless phone….Non-Stop excitement, but I tell you she wears me out.