Day 51 Graceland-Budweiser-Illinois-Indiana

I woke up in the morning and went to pay my respects to the king of rock n’ roll. That’s right Graceland. It was a fine, fine day. I opted get the most abridged version, a simple tour of the mansion. I like Elvis, but I’m not a freak about him like the other mourners who were assembled in fornt of his grave weeping as if he had just passed, when in actuality that event happened 22 years ago. The inside of Graceland is as it was back in ’77. It is very 70’s looking and primitive by today’s standards. In the basement was where Elvis liked to hang out . He has 3 televisions, old school, on the wall in his entertainment room. It was said that he had 3 because Lyndon Johnson had 3 and he liked to tune into all 3 news networks at the news hour. Elvis liked to watched 3 football games. Moving on from the basement, I went upstairs beyond the kitchen into this living room area with all this gaudy wood carved furniture. One chair, Lisa Marie’s chair, was so big that they had to remove a window to get it into the house. Outside on the 14acre estate was an area for horses, the trophy room, and the raquetball courts. Elvis by all means defined the word cheese. His clothing displayed all the flavors from muenster to cheddar. They were all displayed in the trophy building with all of his gold records and awards. Now that was impressive. After that I went outside to check out the grave sites of Elvis and his parents. All sorts of flowers and statues with colorful trinkets were on display……After that it was northbound to St. Louis. I went to Anhueiser-Busch for a tour, and I could not talk my way in. Tour hours had ended. So I sat and stared awestruck at the magnificent brewery. Then I B-lined eastward through Illinois & Indiana, entering at last the 24th & 25th states.