Day 50

Mr. Talbot's physics class, fieldtrip with the Class of 2000 Back in the mid 90's, myself & Bud Talbot taught together out on the Navajo Indian Reservation at a small school in the middle of the high Arizona desert called Rough Rock. After our assignment had concluded, it would be some 2485 days until we met up again on day 50. Bud had become an accomplished Physics teacher at Clay City High School, and as for me, well you know what's going on. At any rate, on this particular day I joined Bud and his class, the class of 2000, a bunch of enthusiastic kids, and we got on a big yellow school bus and headed into Terre Haute, Indiana to Indiana State University. The event was The Tech Trek, a problem solving contest involving many local high schools. I was very impressed with the students. They were bright and charismatic. It was interesting to get their perspective on life. We discussed all sorts of issues from Y2K to school violence. They were understanding and compassionate individuals. At the end of the days events Bud's class won first place in Digital Graphic Design. Bud's parents provided and fantastic homecooked meal which is always the biggest treat on this journey. 50 days had passed and 50 more were ahead….it's halftime kids and I'm headed to Chicago to spend the weekend with the entire McIntyre family, as Jack gives away his only daughter Ann and we celebrate her wedding at the stop of the Chicago Library……….keep tapping in…the best is yet to come…..




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