Day 48 Mike & Ann’s Day

It was simply a glorious day in Chicago, sunshine, clear skies, seventy degrees…unusually pleasant. Lack of sleep was soon forgotten as Sully and I went out to Monday’s for breakfast. We walked all over the city and shot it hard with my arsenal of documentary equipment. The Wedding was at this wonderful gothic looking cathedral. I was amazed at the detail and color of each unique stained glass window throughout this special place of worship. John McIntyre belted out an incredible heartfelt speech, as the Clements & McIntyre families were forever joined together in holy union. There were some 333 guests all full of great spirit and love. The reception was on the top floor of the Chicago library. Again, very impressive. There was a big band playing all the wedding favorites, and people were dancing, and having a real swell time. I shot tons of pictures, and had dinner with Tom, Nicole, & some other guests that I came to know. This was my second wedding on the Haul. It was an outstanding affair. Many thanks to the entire families of the bride and groom for hosting such a magical weekend. After the reception Ann went to Miller’s bar outside the Palmer House in her wedding gown for some late night festivities, now that’s a bride.