Day 44 And now back to Buffalo

Once again, we drove straight on til morning. Johnny drove most of the way, and we even had to stop to close our eyes for a few hours. I dropped Johnny off in Rochester, sent the McIntyre’s off to work, and then went over and woke up Rodger & Linda. They have provided a majority of the film, phone cards, and gift certificates to McDonalds. They had a very generous replenishing supply of these items waiting for me. We chatted for about twenty minutes, and then I got back on the road to Buffalo to stop for some rest at Mom & Dad’s place….Rest would not come until the evening. Dad and I had work to do. The Phalcon was not fully prepared for the Haul. I needed to drop a rear slider window so that I could pass into the cargo bay to rest and sleep during anticipated times of highway hypnosis. I convinced Dad to purchase the window for the truck. It was nearly $250-. I did my laundry and some writing. It was great to be with mom & dad, they’re cool.