Day 42

Stopped in a Midas in Madison, Phalcon's first Oil Change. The Millennium Phalcon had about 3,500 highway miles, and she was overdue for an oil change. I took advantage of the time by writing postcards and sending out press releases, one of which was sent to People magazine. You gotta be in it to win it. I also sent the 15th postcard to David Letterman. I am not certain why there has been no response? Persistence is the key. I'll let you know when I send the 20th. Madison is a really cool spot. The capital is right smack dab in the center of town. It has many front faces at the end of streets that flow towards it. It reminded me of Annapolis. I believe I sent 9 postcards in all, then got back in the truck and drove all the way to Okoboji, IOWA. I met up with the Barfoot family, this was Johnny Bravo's family. They fed me an early THANKSGIVING dinner and then we went out to the Marquee for some cold Budweiser. We then went to Sporty's and on into Captain's. He was showing me the quiet night scene of a summer resort in the off-season.