Day 41 Captain Bravo at the Helm in the Heartland of America.

Johnny Bravo, a late twenties bartender at Orlando's Hard Rock Live, flew up to his homeland in Iowa just so that he could show me the heartland of America. Now, hat's off to this guy. He flew up and met up with me he's the only guy on the Haul to do that. If you remember correctly, I met up with Bravo in the early 60's on the haul, and I went to Key Weird with his Uncle Mike and friends. Bravo was unable to be with us on Halloween, so that's why he so willingly came up for this trip. Realizing that I had driven 3,200 miles since Sunday he offered to drive the whole time. I was thankful of that since we put on another 1,600 miles between Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. While he drove, I was able to work on the computer and also get other stuff organized in the Phalcon. I also shot a live video segment in the vehicle that turned out rather nice. We got in the car around 2pm, and drove up to Loon Lake, an old settlers cemetery. Some say it's haunted, I think only to those who disrespect the dead. We came with positive spirits. We went to pay our respects to the dead. They were the early settlers on the frontier land of America. From there we stopped at Fort Belmont along the path for a little more American History. We finally arrived in our destination of Duluth, Minnesota around 9pm for a live performance of Fat Monkey at RT's Lounge. The band was a lotta fun, and I shot live video. After the gig we crossed the bridge and went to Superior, Wisconsin to check out their late night live music scene.