Day 40

Bravo gets lucky on Lake Superior. As we were driving out of Duluth in cloudy states of mind, we stopped into a gas station. I ran next door to the ATM to see if my financial advisor, Jimmy Mac, had deposited any donations into my account. The balance statement sadly read $1.57. Oh well, thank god for Discover. We filled up the tank and then bought some coffee and water and some gas station snacks like peppered beef jerky and jalepeno potato chips. I'm not much of a gambler, but I was feeling like we had nothing to lose. So I bought Bravo and myself a scratch ticket each. I lost. He won $28-! He was feeling lucky, and we needed the cash badly. We took $8- and tried to win more, and then walked away the Jackson Back. We then drove clear across Minnesota on back roads. We stopped in Brainerd to see Babe the Blue Ox, and then went on up into North Dakota for a photo shoot of Fargo. Town was dead, and I'm not so sure that this was unusual. While Bravo and I were shooting, this native American approached us and asked us to take his picture. I of course thought this would be great. He even had his own prop with him, a vanity plate from North Dakota with Hadista(tribe name) engraved on it. At any rate, I took a few pictures of him with the plate, and then with my Countdown clock. After I took the shots, he told me that I owed him some money. I told him and his friend that I'd buy them a beer. He smiled, and took us to his local gin mill. We left Fargo and headed to Minneapolis where we would stay for the evening at the Fat Monkey Funhouse.