Day 32 Sunset in the Grand Canyon

I had to stick around the rez until Monday because I was completely tapped out of cash and I was waiting for a package containing an ATMcard. Our Financial Advisor had deposited cash into a joint account. This money was donated from Scott & Louise, and of course the lovely Jean-Marie. Thanks. There was also an unidentified donation for $25-. All in all, I found $226.57 in my account. Thanks guys and gals…..Now back to the Haul….I went to MVHS to get a few shots of school in session. Then I got on the road and went along this ver scenic route to Page. I stopped at a WalMart and picked up supplies, film, audio & video tapes, batteries, and some postcards. The day was picture perfect. And the cliffs and mesas were incredible. I stopped at the impressive Navajo Bridge that was very impressive. It too was in a movie with Woody Harrelson, the title escapes me. Further on up the road, I entered the Kaibab Forest. It is weird how this live forest sneaks up on you in the dead desert. Winding and turning through the tight road, a descended down into the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I have hike to the bottom before, via Hualapai hilltop, but had never been to the North Rim where the Grand Canyon Lodge sits. WOW! Impressive. I got there as the sun was setting, and ran down with an arsenal of equipment, to the tip of the rim past the lodge in this little railed in area on the edge of the Canyon. I sat and stared into the vast Canyon. It was hard for me to grip the beauty and amazement of the Grandest Canyon in the World. I must admit it brought it tears to my eyes as I reflected on the past 68 days and 18,000 American miles. The coolest thing too was that I was the only one there. The Lodge was closed, and there were no other cars in the lot. It was just me. I guess that's why it was so special.