Day 28 Salt Lake

In the morning when I awoke, I found 18inches of snow piled high above the Phalcon. The town was a white blanket. The trees were weighed down with snow creating a very surreal effect. Everything in town was slow as a result of the recent snowstorm. I sent an e-mail to my folks to give me a wake up call. So, at 7:15 mom and dad were glad to have a number to reach me at. The morning was very productive. I made a few phone calls, and did some writing and laundry and stuff like that. The Phalcon needed a little maintenance, so I took her to some local oil change station. It was a 30minute process so I did some more writing, then I drove into downtown. While I was downtown I snapped off a whole mess of pictures and then somehow waltzed into the mall to discover the crowds of holiday shoppers. I was glad to find a warm building to warm myself up, Salt Lake was also very cold. I bought a bunch of postcards and sat down at an empty table in the food court and began to write what would amount to 23 postcards. I took a good hour to cleverly write to 23 random folks on the mailing list. Letterman was sent #16. I went back to the car and discovered a parking ticket. Man, the only two violations on the trip have been in Utah. I got the Utah blues, and jumped in the Phalcon and drove to Paris, Idaho. It was cold in Paris, about 8 degrees. Paris is a small town on Bear Lake. I went down to the Railhead to get warm and meet some locals, and I sure did. I sat down and it took about a beer or two before anyone acknowledged my existence. Then some cowboy bought the house a round of drinks(there were about 10 of us in the house), that was the icebreaker that launched in evening of interesting discussion involving Y2K disaster. The dude Jeff said he was prepared for disaster. He likes to hunt game, and is a weapons expert. His family will be fine if there's a disaster.