Day 24

The Haul Hits the powdery slopes of MT. Hood Humpty lives in a rain forest underneath great big redwoods in an A-frame with a stream running under his deck. The inside is nice and warm with a wood burning stove and a nice office to communicate to you all through the internet. We woke up and eased on in to the day. By the time we got to the mountain it was mid afternoon. Billy Reardon, Paul's roommate works in rentals, he's a professional caddy during the spring and summer. At any rate, he hooked me up with some fine, fine boards. These babies were waxed for my experience as well. The conditions outside were by far the best that I have ever experienced in my life, and I am an experienced skier. It had been three years since I last hit the slopes, but after 3-4 runs I was getting in the zone. I love speed and making long GS turns grabbing air over small cliff tops at hills edge. I kept telling Humpty, one more run. Come on Humpty, one more run. It was awesome. Did you know that the Timberline lodge is feature in the film with Jack Nicholson, The Shining. It is I tell ya, it is. As a result of this web-site, and my previous visits to the northwest, Humpty had put together a party in honor of the Haul. He got a keg from Mt. Hood Brewery, and a bunch of really cool locals. We had a swell time. I showed my art and told them stories about the haul. It's amazing how many people ask the same questions. It makes answering pretty easy.