Day 23

Haul-Way in the Haul What exactly is a Haul-Way in the Haul, one might ask during this holiday season. Well kids, it goes like this. On several occassions throughout my 77 days in the Haul, I come up on a little Haul-Way. It's like a fork in the road that leads back to the main path. It's an adventure in which people jump on the road, and we actually become a team of Haul experts and then we go out and capture a town or territory together. It's Haul-Way is very descriptive rich with story detail. Johnny Mac starred in one, and so too did Johnny Bravo, and of course Key West was the weirdest Haul-Way of all. In this particular corridor of the Haul we come upon terror and strangeness. Myself, Humpty, and Billy jumped in the Phalcon around 3pm on Wednesday. Humpty at the Helm, Billy laying back in the Phalcon Lounge, and Huff riding shotgun. We arrived through great travel karma at the ferry to Vashon Island where we would meet up with this eccentric dude named Vincent who I picked up hitchhiking on Martha's Vineyard back in the middle of the decade during the summer of MV95, first summer in Huff's Hut. Vincent from Vashon. We arrived on the ferry mid evening and got right on. The ferry out west is plain and simple more efficient than the one I deal with out on the Vineyard. I cannot go into detail about that. We arrived on the island around say 10pm. Vincent met us at the local ginmill, and then took us back to his place and cooked a killer Salmon delight. Much needed healthy home-cooked meal. It was awesome.