Day 21

A day of Treework We arrived late Thursday night back at Humpty's place. Thankfully he drove. Billy passed out in the lounge, and I was asleep in the passenger's seat. Friday came and Humpty took me out to breakfast, and then out to work. We had to dice up and stack a few downed trees in a yard where a new home was under construction. It was raining, and we had the job complete in no time. He paid me generously for my labors. That night he took me out to dinner with Jeanie, and Jeanne, another friend, was our waitress. After dinner we all went over to Mike & Karen Quinn's place. They too went to Green Mountain College. Karen is pregnant, and Adam, their son, put on a great show for us as he ran around with energy fueled by our visit. Then the evening continued at the In Between, all sorts of people were there, and I said goodbye to all my friends in Mt Hood. It was great to visit with old friends in such a far away place from home.