Day 19

Buck's for Breakfast John took us all out to breakfast at this really cool joint called Buck's. The whole place is full of optimistic energy and great food. I was impressed by their clever menus that had a newsletter format full of color pictures, and great stories. After breakfast John took us all on a tour. He showed us his new place up in Woodside, the trees were enormously huge. We stopped into the Mountain House for an afternoon drink, and then went on to the coast to watch some surfer dudes. This concluded with a hot chocolate sunset at Moss Beach outdoors facing the breakers under blankets on the outside terrace. Pizza was for dinner at this hip little spot in Menlo Park. Jenny had a flight back to Atlanta at 10pm. We took her to the airport, and then set up Mary's Christmas Tree. John & I went back to his place and crashed. This would become anchorage for the next 2 nights.