Day 18

San Francisco Soul Search I woke up and I was the only one at the house. John lived with 2 other guys, Jason & Will. It was a Monday morning and everyone had to go work or get their week started etc. Me, I needed to update you all. So I went out and grabbed a cup of coffee and stepped into myself and dripped out the words. Then all of sudden it got to be late, and I still needed to get to the Golden Gate. I went out crossed the bridge, and then parked the Phalcon at the visitors parking lot. The bridge was amazing. I walked out to the first tower and shot a mess of photographs. The city in the distance, the starry night, and this magnificent bridge created one of those moments that are permanently burned forever on your own human internal hard drive. I have focused a lot on taking pictures of bridges. Since is a bridge is like a cusp, and a cusp is what you are experiencing at this current point in time. We are all passing through a mere crack in time. We are crossing a great big bridge into a brand new age. It's exciting. When it got dark out I went down to Fisheman's wharf and had an open-face crab sandwich that was quite tasty.