Day 17

Cliffs at Muir Beach John Muir, the American naturalist from the 19th century has his own beach just outside of SanFran. I drove out there over the mountain pass and along the shoreline. The beach is a small cove with jagged rock, and enormous cliff structures. I arrived in early afternoon and hiked on up to the top of the cliffs. I sat down and then stared at the beauty of the Pacific and west coast region of the US. California is the 48th state that I have been in, in my 27years on earth. I wanted to take it all in, and I certainly was right there all alone by myself in cloudless sky on top the cliffs above the clean clear blue green waters. Late in the afternoon I went back to the Golden Gate and hiked it again. The sunset was better than the night previous. I went back to Jason & Will's place around 7pm. We then went to Trivia Night at the Kings Head Inn. This is annual gathering among Will's friends from work I believe. There are a bunch of teams that get together and compete for free drinks and prizes. The trivia this particular week had a holidays theme.