Back to Buck's for breakfast Buck's is great meeting place for successful VC types from the Silicon Valley. On Sunday we had spoke with the manager, Ron about the Haul. He told us to come back for breakfast on Wednesday, and that he would introduce us to some possible investors that might be interested in backing the project. You see, we are at the point now where we need to find a key investor or benefactor to underwrite the project. With the guidance of John Coyle, I am convinced that we will find one. After the Haul, absolute production must begin on final product. Our first financial obstacle is getting all of the film processed the cost of this alone will exceed $6000-. If anyone is interested let me know. I will continue to ask until I get a yes answer from someone out there. At any rate, John and I defined a few things, and then he sent me on my way with a kind and generous cash donation, and a festive colorful wreath for the grill of the Phalcon. She's looks real pretty. I got on the road and took the Pacific Coast Highway all the way down to San Luis Obisbo. The coast was unbelievable. My first stop was in Santa Cruz. I got my haircut there and then met up with this surfer duded name John that Coyle had told me to call. Santa Cruz was very cool, some of the best surfing is there. I got back on the road and was greatly impressed by Pebble Beach, 17 Mile Drive, and Big Bur. The California coastline is one of the most magnificent places that I have ever been. I arrived at an Econo Lodge after dark, I grabbed a room and some rest.