California Coast I woke up and eased on into the morning. The temperatures were in the 70's, and the sky was clear and magically blue. I went to get something from the Phalcon Lounge, and then got discouraged by the mess at hand. While on the road, periodically the Phalcon gets trashed with the clutter of my many traveling possessions. Dirty clothes get tossed around and trash from junk food builds up, etc. etc. etc. There is only so long that I can take this chaos in the car. I was looking for my nail clippers, and they were no where to be found. I got upset and started crawling around the lounge and shouting obscenities at the Phalcon. All of sudden it was a major disaster area. I walked away and took a deep breath, then I went back to my room and took a shower to calm my soul. While in the shower, I decided that I would clean the Phalcon along the coast somewhere in some beach town. So, after I checked out I drove about 45 minutes, and found the lovely laid back beach town of Pismo. Pismo had a great coastal boardwalk, and plenty of parking space. So I drove the Phalcon to this lonely part of the lot and proceeded to empty her contents onto the pavement. It was a perfect day to do this: low winds, high temps, and a cloudless sky taboot. People stared at me while I spread my random crap all over the place, so I stared back- no big deal. I consolidated all of my wares, and took an inventory on my photographic product line. I was itching to show my stuff, I knew it would happen within the next 72 hours. Over the past 85 days I had sold a significant amount of greeting cards. In fact, I had sold out of such classics like My Foot. It was time to make more. So I located the necessary materials to do just that, and put them within reach so that I could make more at my next destination. Inside the cockpit, I windexed all the windows and discarded all the wrappers and trash in the waste barrel next to the Phalcon. The final project was attaching the fancy holiday wreath that John & Mary had provided up in San Fran. The Phalcon was tickled to death when I dressed her with this festive item. Then it was back on the road southbound with just 15 days remaining in the Haul. This day was the beginning of the end of the Haul. A 15 day passage homeward and beyond.