Christopher's Candids Strikes Again By the time I reached LA, it was that period in the day that one cannot escape if they are on the freeway 5-7pm, the worst of congested traffic and road rage. Since I had never been to LA, or my destination of Huntington Beach before, the traffic began to enrage my soul. So I turned on some live Bela Fleck to musically release the tension. I arrived in Huntington around 9pm. Steve & Sam were there waiting. These guys are my pals from Buffalo, and I had met up with them back on days 83-82, in New York's capital district for phantastic weekend of Phish. Immediately they took me out for a bite to eat. We had a good time, they had just recently moved to the area, and everything was new to them as well. When I woke up on Friday, I was alone with the cats. It was around 10am, and I needed some fresh morning coffee. The Phalcon and I drove down to the strip and I grabbed generous cup of Starbuck's. While sitting at an outdoor table, waking up to the southern California air and spirit, I noticed in the distance a bunch of vending tents popping up along Main Street. Being unable to sit still and simply enjoy the coffee, I quickly sat up and darted over to a sexy hippy-looking artist. She looked at me funny, then I looked at my shirt and noticed that I had spilled some coffee in all of the excitement. She stared at my shirt, I looked at it, thought nothing of it, complimented her work, and then asked: "So who's in charge of this gig anyway?" Within the hour, I began constructing my booth next to this handcrafted scrimshaw necklace artisan named Tom. He was both friendly and cool. The show was a great success. I wore an American flag top-hat and shouted "14 days remain!" This provoked curiosity and interest. It was a perfect day for a festival, and there were dozens of artisans in the streets. Steve & Sam showed up around the spectacular sunset hour. They took me out to dinner again, and then we went back to their place to rest up for Saturday's special events.