Saturday Fever Sunrise till the Sunset in Venice Steve was very good about bringing us all vitallight. He awoke me rather early, and we got in the Phalcon and went down to the beach just up the road. We were still early, the morning hues of violet were in the horizon, so we walked out on the pier to the end. There were morning surfers catching waves, and all-night party people on the pier for the rising sun. The sun came up and beamed orange rays of light into the glistening warm waters of Huntington Beach. While we were experiencing the ascent, Sam was hard at work preparing a hearty breakfast. She's a great cook, she even baked me some fresh brownies for the road. After we all ate breakfast, we headed for Venice Beach. Steve drove, Sam sat shotgun, and I was in the Phalcon Lounge capturing video, and enjoying the luxury of the Phalcon Lounge. We arrived at the beach, and found a great spot to park right on the water. Then we stepped around all day and just observed the unique spirit that exists among the street performers and artisans. The day was again picture perfect, and there was plenty to look at. Rollerblading fools were trying to impress each other, and muscle-headed big were shots were wrapping curls at Muscle beach. Dudes were playing hoop, and musicians were igniting the souls of the lost and impaired spirit of the street folks. There was a man swallowing swords, and gypsy reading palms, all for cash. It was a West Coast version of Key West, or The Big Easy. Steve, Sam, & I all had a real swell time. The sunset was the most amazing part. If you'll notice, I have featured California sunsets over the past three days. They are just too amazing to keep concealed in my archives. After the sunset, we went into Santa Monica, for some dinner. The area in which we went was densely populated with Holiday shoppers. There were high-class street performances by human robots and musicians, all in the name of cash. Another retail store, Discovery, had a telescope that they were selling outside in the front entrance. The Salesman had it focused on the moon and Saturn. I saw the rings around Saturn, now that was cool.