San Diego Beaches Steve, Sam, and I woke up later than intended, but nonetheless got things rolling. Sam stayed behind as Steve and I went south to San Diego. It was a nice Sunday afternoon, and we went into Ocean Beach to walk the strip and grab a bite to eat. I liked this ocean town. It seemed more aged and laid back compared to Huntington, and nothing would compare to Venice, but OB was nice in its own way. As the sunset once again, we walked out to the pier. After it got dark out, this Christmas scene came to life. The picture here somewhat shows the beauty, however the detail must be observed by the human eye. It is a magnificent sand sculpture with all sorts of detail. The picture captures the tree, and a faint Santa to the right of the tree. To the right of Santa is the town Christmas tree in the distance. This is located right at the edge of the strip just before the great Pacific Ocean. On our way home, we stopped at a car wash, and Steve filmed me bathing the Phalcon. It was a fun little video sequence. When we got back and saw Sam, she had prepared a tasty meal for us. It was a fantastic visit. These guys like all the others were very generous and hospitable continuing to make the Haul a magical Odyssey.