The beginning of this story takes place in a time just before now. It begins on the final equinox of the nineties. The starting line is here at Plymouth Rock on the New England coast of Massachusetts in the United States Of America. It is September 22nd 1999. It is day one of a one hundred day journey through every state in the continetal union. The roadwothy highway traveling devise is known as the Millennium Phalcon. This is her maiden voyage. She begins with less than 900 miles. She is a brand new Cranberry Red '99 Chevy S10. This book will proudly display the USA in a TomFlurkey Chevrolet. Her sleek body is equipped with a custom made Phalcon Lounge. She is fully prepared for the great American Highway. Our pilot, is a 27- year old man with a lot of energy. His name is Huff. This is Huff's Hundred Day Haul.

Huff's Hundred-Day Haul

27,000 Miles in 100 Days